Depth Calculator – Soft Landing Rubber Mulch

To calculate the amount number of Soft Landing Rubber Mulch bags you will need for surfacing, simply enter the length and width of your child’s play area below and click “Calculate”. Our Depth Calculator will calculate the total Area and the approximate number of 40 lb. bags that will be required to achieve various depth levels. Click “Reset” to clear the calculator and start over.

Enter your Length (ft) x Enter your Width(ft)

Your Area is sq. feet

Soft Landing Rubber Mulch – Bags needs for each depth level

Coverage to 2″ depth would require bags*.

Coverage to 3″ depth would require bags*.

Coverage to 4″ depth would require bags*

Coverage to 6″ depth would require bags*

* -To allow for slight coverage variations per bag and the fact that the play surface is not completely flat and may have some dips we recommend you purchase an extra 10% (ex. 60 bags would = 66 purchase)

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