Rubber Mulch - The Safest Playbase Surface Material

Rubber mulch is the most resilient, cleanest and longest wearing playbase surface material designed to ensure your family's safety.

Why purchase play surfacing

Safe, Easy and Long Lasting

Safest Landing Surface

The non-toxic material is naturally shock absorbent, providing a cushioned and resilient landing surface. No sharp edges means no slivers, cuts or scrapes that can result from wood chips or gravel.

Maintenance/Long Lasting

Eliminates the need to mow or trim around your playset, reducing maintenance and the possibility of damaging your playset in the process. No need to top off on an annual basis as you would with other, less inferior surfacing products such as wood fiber mulch.

No Muddy Areas

Rain water drains quickly through rubber mulch eliminating muddy areas.

Buying Play Surfacing

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Play Surfacing

  1. Play Area Size

  2. Colors

  3. Rubber Boarders/ Traffic Mats

  1. Play Area Size

    Determine the Quantity You Will Need

  2. Colors

    Multiple Colors to Choose From

    We have many color choices to fit your backyard theme: natural, traditional or playful. Whatever you choose you are providing a layer of safety that’s adds to the creative play from a pirate ship in the bright blue ocean, to a volcano with red lava or maybe a lush green jungle adventure. We’ll leave the creativity up to the kids.

  3. Rubber Boarders/ Traffic Mats

    Creative Rubber Works Borders and Mats

    Our rubber border options are flexible and durable which allows you the ability to create a one of a kind play base design. Plus save money by eliminating wasted playground space. The safety mats are a great add on to place under swings and slides where loose-fill mulch is typically kicked out by playful children. These mats stay in place, keep children safer and greatly reduce ongoing maintenance. The rubber borders and mats come in multiple color options to fit your back yard theme.

Hear From Our Customers

    Great, fun, clean facility. There so much to play with and my son loves playing here!

    Stacey M. – Kirtland, OH

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