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Playsets, Trampolines, Basketball Goals, Play Surfaces, Oh My !

Ever wanted to create your own backyard playground or jungle gym for the family or your organization? We have what you’re looking for to create a lifetime of memories. Playground World carries a wide selection of all indoor and outdoor playsets, trampolines, basketball goals, and play surfaces such as basketall courts, tennis courts, and rubber mulch for playset surfaces, plus installation services for all of our products.

Visit any one of our three Party & Play Zone locations to view their play time schedules and try any of our products before you decide to buy.

Let’s take a look at what we have to offer as products and services.


Unlike big box stores, Playground World fun and fitness playsets are made from big beam all-natural lumber, making them the safest, sturdiest and longest lasting playsets on the market. Guaranteed!

Playset construction includes Redwood Cedar, Big Beam Lumber, and Triple Joint Construction for that durable, long lasting and comfortable look and feel.

We carry the Woodplay Playset Series which offers the Outback Series, Playhouse Series, Safari Series, Space Savers, and Mega Sets.


Springfree Trampolines have no springs or hard edges at the jumping surface. Engineered with the highest quality materials, Springfree Trampoline features a SoftEdge™ mat and a FlexiNet™ safety enclosure that cushions the jumper and prevents falls to the ground.

Basketball Goals

Want to choose that perfect basketball hoop for the driveway or backyard court, we have all sizes from the little dribblers to the serious slammer, our basketball goal selection is second to none. We carry Goalrilla and Goalsetter series basketball goals and hoops.

Goalrilla offers the DC/CV Series, GS Series and, Trainers.

Goalsetter offers the Signature Series, Extreme Series, and Wall Mount Series.

Courts & Play Surfaces

We can install courts and surfaces to meet every playing condition, whether it’s for your family or for a commercial application, we can build a number of different types of courts.

We also have Rubber Mulch, which is the most resilient, cleanest and longest wearing playbase surface material designed to ensure your family’s safety. Eliminate the need to mow or trim around your playset, reducing maintenance and the possibility of damaging your playset.


We offer installation services of all of our Basketball Goals, Flex Court Surfaces, including Line Painting.

Playset Installations

Trampoline Installations

Basketball Goals & Hoops Insallations

Play Surface Installations


If you want to add to your playset at any time, just get one of our modular add-on accessories. Pirate ship steering wheels and food caddies for the kids. Hammocks and spotlights for the parents. We carry dozens of fun additions to your playset dream. We also carry accessories for trampolines and accessories for basketball goals and courts.

Playset Accessories

Trampoline Accessories

Basketball Goals & Courts Accessories

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