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Soft Landing Rubber Mulch

Soft Landing Rubber Mulch is a premium recycled rubber product designed to meet a wide variety of application needs. The Soft Landing Rubber Mulch has come to be the industry standard for quality and innovation in surfacing products. Whether your need is large or small, Soft Landing Rubber Mulch has the surfacing material you need, at a price you can afford.

Since 1993, millions of pounds of Soft Landing Rubber Mulch has been sold to Day Care facilities, Schools and family homes.

Playset with Rubber Mulch SurfaceSoft Landing Colored Mulch is a very unique type of colored rubber mulch product. Unlike almost every other type of colored rubber mulch, our mulch is made using a special type of Industrial rubber (not car tire rubber). Not only is this rubber extremely soft but it has the following differences/advantages over car tire rubber.

Soft Landing Colored Mulch does not mildew, rot, mild or decompose like wood products do. When it rains, any dust that has formed on Soft Landing Colored Mulch will run off the rubber. Unlike wood mulch and pea gravel that quickly decompose or become slimy, Soft Landing Colored Mulch stays relatively clean. We feel that Soft Landing Colored Mulch allows your children to play without becoming as dirty or messy as they would with wood mulch. A great attribute of SLRM is that it drains and dries so quickly, children normally can play 15-30 minutes after it has rained. No more waiting hours or until the next day to use your play system. Soft Landing Colored Mulch will not attract animals or insects like wood mulch.

The SAFEST CHOICE for your family! – All Rubber Mulch is Not Created Equal

1. Safer Than Other Mulch Choices
SLRM requires less material to pass critical fall height testing. Making it the safest choice for your family.

2. Naturally Shock Absorbant
SLRM is the softest choice for your family.

3. Cleaner than other Mulch Choices
SLRM isSLRM is 99.9% free of fabric, fiber and metal. The cleanest choice for your family.

4. Appearance
SLRM looks exactly like natural wood mulch, creating a professional appearance for your family’s play ground.

5. Ease of Use
SLRM is purchased in easy to open 40lb bags. Just spread over weed barrier fabric for a simple installation around your family play set.

6. Cost Effective
Since SLRM doesn’t decompose or compact, it is the perfect one-time surfacing choice for your family.

Soft Landing Rubber Mulch is not made from car tires. The benefits are clear:

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